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Five New Methods of Rainwater Harvesting

Five New Methods where weird ways of Rain Water Harvesting are practised

Monitoring Rain in Real Time is required for the success of RWH schemes in Arid Regions: Can Drones or Unmanned Aircraft be used for this purpose?

Weather Monitoring By Drones Specially for Arid Regions

Call for Paper for a Edited Book to be published from Elsevier

Call for Paper

How to identify the best locations for building rainwater harvesting ponds in National Parks to benefit the wild animals?

How can we identify the best locations for building rainwater harvesting ponds in National Parks to benefit the wild animals?

Call for Articles

Internship Opportunity: Identification of the Most Significant Feature Which Causes Attenuation and Lag in the Routing of Flood Hydrograph

Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting or Roof Top Solar : Which one is more important in India ?

Call for Workshops/Scholarships/Conferences etc.

Five Most Used Machine Learning Techniques in Hydroinformatics

Artificial Hummingbird Algorithm Part II

Artificial Humming Bird Algorithm Tutorial Part I

In Europe the Mining Industry is adopting to Circular Economy

Six Most Innovative Start Up Ideas on Water Based Crowdsourcing

Standard Fourth Order Runge Kutte Method (SRK) in Flood Routing

Top Five Most Relevant Journal in Water Resource Management

Online Self Learning Modular Courseware(OSMC) on the topics of Data Science ,Artifical Intelligence and GIS

Group Method of Data Handling

Galactic Swarm Optimization Technique

Water News April 2024

Open Call for Editorial Board Membership of IJHCE

Five Plant Based Water Filter StartUps

Goodrich Method of Flood Routing

Five Start Ups with home water filters

An Introduction to Ant Colony Optimization with Example

Seven StartUp Ideas on Water Quantity or Quality Monitoring

Modified Pul's Routing Method

Eight Ideas on Which You Can Open Start Ups

Seven Historical Milestone that shaped the Development of Water and Related Research

How Particle Swarm Optimization can be used in Water System Optimization without writing any code?

Optimal Energy Allocation in Paper Industry by Nature Based Optimization Techniques

Moth Flame Optimization Technique(MFO)

Characteristics of good drinking water

The attributes of good drinking water are outlined in the Rig Veda. Do you know at what period Rig Veda was compiled ?

Are you aware of the compiler of the Rig Veda?

Hydrologic Routing of Reservoir or Level Pool Routing

Seven Facts that Shows Expertise of Indians to control water at least for the last 7000 years

Cat Swarm Optimization Techniques

Impact of Brick Industries on Surface Water Resources : A Case Study of Jirania in Tripura

Basic Equations in Flood Routing

Inclusion of Manhole data in flood prediction models,Solving Data Missing Problems in Numerical Models by DEM modification,First Pumped Hydropower Plant in...

How the concept of dynamic soaring by the Albatrosses can be used in optimization?

Free Smart GIS AIS map editor with English interface

Lecture Series on Routing in Water Resources Part I

Vulnerability Analysis of Jampui : A Hillstation in the North East India facing acute water scarcity

Levy penalty on buildings without functional rainwater harvesting systems;Climate change, Rising energy costs; Emerging contaminants, and Aging workforces will be the four main challenges...

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The concentration of Ammonia increasing rapidly in Yamuna River,Protest in Pakistan for proper governance of water resourses, Congo and China sign MoU for hydropower generation and many more

Tampa Water Dept to use Ion Exchange Treatment to remove PFAS as per new EPA regulations,"2024 to be the year of Digital Water" and other latest news in Water,Energy and Informatics