Study conducted by University of Bath and others for Wastewater Based Epidemiology
The demand of Global Green Finance Fund for restoring freshwater lakes was made on 22nd Mar 2023
Headlines in The Conversation on January 17,2023
Headlines in Nature Hydro-Climatology on 13th Mar 2023
Research or Project Idea
Research or Project Idea
ELECTRE stands for: ELimination Et Choix Traduisant la REalité (ELimination and Choice Expressing REality)
Useful in Real time continuous water quality monitoring of surface water bodies
Simulation of Water(Specially Groundwater ) Resource Management with Free Integrated Tools
How one can measure the depth of sea water by the help of inexpensive satellite captured multispectral data.
Nice article by Siyka Radilova of IWA about the accessibility of rural woman to water and sanitation
International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students