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An Workshop on “Hydropower: Perspectives and Relevance" at New Delhi on 13th Jan 2024

Risk Minimization of Water Treatment Plants with the help of Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Invasive Weed Optimization Techniques

"Who discovered fluid viscosity? When was fluid mechanics invented?"..Five Facts You must know about Fluid Mechanics

Do you know : N Drip a "microirrigation solution powered by gravity" can reduce 50% of water generally consumed in flood irrigation

When was the first bottled mineral water sold ?

Do you know when and where was the first recorded floods occured ?

Nine most used techniques of decision making and optimization

Internship on Indicator Development for Penstock Condition Monitoring using MCDM and GIS

10 Most Recent Call for Paper for Special Issues of Water and Sanitation journals

Ten Ideas to open startups in smart agriculture

Risk Minimization of Wetlands from Climatic Vulnerabilities by Firefly and Glowworm Optimization Techniques

Vulnerability Analysis of Wetlands under Changed Climate Scenarios with the help Water Cycle and Poly-Neural Networks

Ten Start Up Ideas from the field of Water Reuse

Seven Questions to know to crack GATE questions on Hydrograph

Ten Most Widely Used Methods to Derive Unit Hydrograph from Flood Hydrograph

Four Phases of Developing Fish Swarm Optimization Techniques

Seven New Special Issue Calls from Journals Publishing Topics from Hydro and Energy Informatics

Solved Problem on Derivation of Flood Hydro Graph from Unit Hydrograph

Introduction to Dolphin Echolocation Algorithm

Vulnerability Analysis of Climate Change on Rainwater Harvesting Potential of Hill-Slopes

New Very Short Term Course: Seven Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques

Hydrology for Beginners : Unit HydroGraph

Introduction to Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Five Most Used Decision Making Techniques in Water Management Casestudies

Seven New Research Associate Positions in Water Resource Engineering

Vulnerability Analysis of Coastal Zone under changed Climate Scenarios with the help of Water Cycle Algorithm

Solved Problems on Hydrograph Part II

An Introduction to Water Cycle Algorithm

Numerical Problems on ERH,DRH and Baseflow Separation

EISI06 : Internship on "Optimal Water Allocation in Thermal Power Plant with the help of Mine Bursting Algorithm and Glowworm Optimization Techniques"

Mine Blast Algorithm(MBA)

Baseflow Separation Methods

Internship Program : Development of a Spatial Predictive Model for Estimation of Flow Rate in Penstock Networks

Internship Program : Development of indicator-based real-time pen stock condition monitoring system by the application of GIS and Cognitive tools

Seven Soft Computational Methods for Analysis of Hydrological Risk

Young people not coming in water and sanitation !

7 ideas for opening startups in Fault Management of Water Pipelines

Enroll for Free : Introduction to Glowworm Optimization Algorithm

Location Selection for Rain-Water Harvesting Plants with the Help of Glow Worm Algorithm-Based Neural Networks

How to optimize with the help of Gloworm Optimization Algorithm ?

Glowworm Optimization Algorithm

What is the difference between Free and Paid Subscriber of HydroGeek Newsletter ?

Five Start Up Ideas from Virtual and Green Water Management

Introduction to Hydro Graph Part I

Five most recommendable Conference on Water and Energy Research

Five Most Suitable Scholarship Opportunities for the prospective students of Water related Masters or Doctoral programs

Five Most Unforgettable News Stories that shook the World

Five most recommendable workshop for the students pursuing masters or phd in water and energy related subjects

Hydrology For Beginners Part 8 : Gumbel's Equation

Weibulls Probability and Return Period Calculator

Four Factors You Must Consider before selecting Water Purifiers for your domestic use

Hydrology for Begineers Part 7

Application of Artificial Intelligence Like Techniques in Location Selection of Rainwater Harvesting Pond

Create your own e-course on water resources

Hydrology for Beginners : Part 6

Introduction to Polynomial Neural Network and it's application in Engineering Optimization

Hydrology for Beginners : Part 5 : Risk Analysis by Weibull Method

Water Quality Index Calculator

Hydrology for Beginners : Part 4

Introduction to Model Development for Prediction, Simulation and Optimization

Five Open Source Software that can Replace Q-GIS

Introduction to Crank Nicolson Methods

Hydrology For Beginners Part 3 :

One Month Internship on "Application of Nature-Based Optimization Techniques in Optimizing Water Used in Renewable Energy Systems"(online mode)

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Why multi disciplinary studies like hydrology and informatics are important for a sustainable future?

Hydrology for Beginners : Part 2

Hydrology for Beginners : Estimation of Mean Precipitation (Part 1)

How to use Genetic Algorithm in Multi Attribute Decision Making Problems

What is next in AI & ML Modeling of Water Resource Development?

Very Short Term Course on "Application of MAUT in Water Resource Management"

Five most cited news,products and publications from hydroinformatics

Latest Jobs,Scholarship Opportunities and CFPs in Hydroinformatics Engineering

Very Short Term Course on Optimization Techniques and their application in Hydro-informatics

Invite your friends to read HydroGeek

Five Oldest Books on Water

How Can Water and Electricity Be Used Wisely to Lessen the Impact of Climate Change?

MTech Course on Hydroinformatics

Very Short Term Course on ELECTRE in Water Resource Management

Predictive data models can assist farmers in managing the effects of weather

Call for Paper : International Journal of Hydro-Climatic Engineering

Frogs,Birds,Insects,Snakes acts as a messengers of Monsoon

Streamgages from the United States Geological Survey provide vital information to the public and decision-makers for a variety of purposes.

In seven out of eight crucial areas, research shows that Earth's health is failing.

How to draw a Contour Map with the help of Surfer Software ?

Five New Ideas of Start Up under Hydroinformatics Field

Data Analyst in India

Very Short-Term Course on Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)

Five innovative applications of hydroinformatics in Groundwater Management

National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is hiring

Five Example Application of Hydroinformatics in Agriculture

CadreFow and Pipe Flow can replace OpenFlows WaterCAD Pipe Network Analysis

Short Tutorial on "GMDH in optimization problems"

Five Most Recent Research Works on Autocorrelation in Water Resource Management

Very Short Term Course on "Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Water Resource Management"

How to use Genetic Algorithm in Water Resource based Optimization Problems ?

Spotlight on hydroinformatics: The lesser-known force shaping the future of water

The majority of people are 'psychologically close' to climate change.

"Oxygen concentration varies drastically from one river to another, depending on their unique temperature"

"Over 90% of disasters and climate-related impacts are water-related, which can have a profound effect on economies and societies."

Five Codefree Neural Network Software for Water Resource Applications

The rising sea has stolen clean drinking water from Kerala Village

"Almost half of Odisha is exposed to the vulnerability of climate change."

New Material Discovered for adsorbing PFAS

The metabolic stress response of E. coli can be used to detect heavy metal concentration

Soil to Fork Potential of Periurban Wetlands with the help of Multi Attribute Utility Theory(MAUT)

Impact of Climate Change on Periurban Wetlands with the help of Neural Network based Open MI system

Free Tutorial on Analytical Hierarchial Process and how it can be used in Water Resource Development

Portable Weather Station : PRO Signal Solar Powered Weather Station

Recommended Software : OpenFoam : A Free CFD SImulation Software

First Edition of HydroGeek Newsletter of the year 2023 Launched

Waste water can detect future epidemic

Dedicated Global Green Finance Fund for the restoration of the degraded freshwater lakes, at the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York

Peatlands can store more carbon than all the forest of the World

"Floods and droughts are intensifying globally"

Application of Data Science Techniques in Optimal Management of PeriUrban Watersheds

Impact of Climate Change on Blue Water of Tropical Watersheds

How to use ELECTRE Method for decision making in water resource or other problems?

Monitor Multiple parameter of Water Quality through EXO2

FREEWAT : The Free Software for Water Resource Management

How to draw coastal bathymetry with the help of optical multispectral satellite captured imageries ?

How to deal with the problem of poor access to water,sanitation and hygiene for the rural women ?


New Project Idea : MCDM based Neuro-Spatial Decision Support System for Optimal sensor placement in recycle water distribution pipelines

Outlier detection and missing data filling methods for coastal water temperature data

Typhoon Impact and Crisis Management

How it Works


OpenLayers 2.10 Beginner's Guide

Impacts of Urbanization on Natural Infrastructure

IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition

Openings for Hydrologist


Book Recommendation : Extreme Events: A Physical Reconstruction and Risk Assessment

Study : Audience give a dam about climate change impacts even after showing a simulation of extreme events

Scholarship Opportunities at Delft,Netherlands

Five Most Simple Books to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Five Books You Must Read to Understand the Fundamentals of Hydroinformatics

Five free statistics software that you can use in Water Resource Research